I got my first taste of writing and storytelling in 8th grade when I interviewed my grandfather about his time fighting in Greece, he told me a harrowing journey in which only two survivors came back from his mission. I remembered all his little details, this four-page report eventually became a 35-page short story that got me an 81%, it was the grammar that did me in.

                From there I began consuming books, reading everything from the classics to 18th century maps. My first full length story was completed in 11th grade, a month after I was given my first personal computer. From there I spent the following years living the life of the modern renaissance, consuming music, culture and of course many more books. I was living in the south in the town of Oxford Mississippi, where I wrote my second full length novel, and then a third. Following college, I began working for Disney and developed my sense of workplace satire and the art of proving to the reader that there are such things as stupid questions. Pointing out the moments of society that are cliché and totally arbitrary at the same time is something that always challenges me.

                At Disney my computer broke and I ended up getting into a cycle of work, sleep, repeat. Then my break came when I began living in Tavares Florida, living in a beautiful condo in the sleepy waterfront village of Tavares. Surrounded by the warmth of the people and the cold drinks, I settled into a laid-back lifestyle, and began to write stories again, and after hundreds of late nights and after two dozen pounds were gained, I discovered that in fact I wrote nearly a dozen full length stories in just four years. Throughout this journey I never published these stories but wrote them for free on apps. After spending money on editing I discovered, I had written real and thrilling stories, and I was totally entertained by them. Knowing that I am the best critic on the planet I finally made the decision to self-publish two stories, they are Hurley Island, and Kickin Gracie.

                Furthermore, I have two other novels that have been offered publishing contracts, they are part of the series called the Infinite Labors of Ann & Thomas Royce. The books at the moment are named, Greater Good & Ann’s Tale. Drafting for this series has been ongoing since I was in ninth grade, and finally the years carting around dozens of banker boxes full of notes, I feel that it is starting to pay off.  

                I don’t know how far my journey will take me but, I know this, there will be people who like my books, and people that will hate them, but luckily I write to entertain myself, so really you are all just along for the ride. But seriously thank you for the interest, best regards.